What is a Smart Farmstead?

What is a Smart Farmstead?


Times have changed. Thanks to technology, we can engineer our environments to produce the highest yields with minimal effort. While you can see this at a macro level via commercial industrialization, the goal for Monchu is to take this same approach but at a micro level. The goal is to harness the smartest concepts of food and energy production while at the same time, conserving the land and its ecology.

So we want to build a Smart Farmstead. For us, this means that:

'it is a closed living system whose success is interdependent on its people, animals and environment which is facilitated by using sustainable technology.'

With that in mind, we are building the property to follow these guidelines:


  • Harness energy through sustainable technology such as solar, wind, geothermal etc. This eliminates fossil fuels and dependence on the grid or outside systems.
  • Utilize low maintenance animals who produce the highest yields of productive or consumable materials such as manure or food following the ethical principle that these animals are strictly to help contribute to the system and not to consume. The animals are also to be living in the most abundant of environments taking into consideration their needs.
  • The production of waste is virtually nill and can be returned to the soil, shared with animals or repurposed. ie compost, rabbit food etc.
  • Predominantly eat only what we can grow and harvest, including eggs.
  • The smart farm and its people can sustain itself financially without needing any extra income.
  • Sharing the plans, giving tours and teaching others through our experience is paramount.



  •  Build the perfect environment, just like we do for the animals, where its people can get what they need physically, emotionally and spiritually in order to thrive.