Let's build a better way

the story of our road to sustainability

Welcome to our site! We are Michael and Jen from Ontario, Canada and we wanted to put this site together as a way to share what we are working on, our plans, and our adventure as we go about building our property into a Smart Farmstead.

We are going to share as many videos, pictures and as much helpful content we can as we go. The grand plan for the property is to turn it into a self sufficient ecosystem where smart technology, a sustainable mindset, and animals can all thrive together. This is why we chose to name the property 'Monchu'. It is Okinawan for 'one family' or 'the family we choose'.

It's no secret that the planet needs a change to better sustain life and protect the environment. It's going to take more than a village to raise a different way to exist so 'let's build a better way' together.

The property is planned to run almost exclusively on renewable energy with a focus on rehabilitating the land, fostering it to be an environmental eden for animals, nature, ourselves and guests. It will be a space where anyone can come stay and learn about sustainable methods or take a tour, basking in the beauty of what the property has to offer.

We want to perfect this living system with the vision of building others. That is why we are documenting our journey so that we can continue refining our thinking, our processes' and our strategies with the ultimate goal of crystallizing a plan that others can replicate or learn from.

Feel free to check out our project list to see our grand plan and vision for turning Monchu into a smart farmstead. We have only just begun so the list is long but Michael and I look forward to the road ahead, rolling up our sleeves, and building a future.

If you have any questions, ideas, or want to get involved please feel free to get in touch with us. 

The Land

25 Acres of Land North of Ottawa

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